Want results? Focus on a single promotion.

Unfortunately, like most budgets, marketing budgets are finite. You only have so much to spend and want to maximize your returns. This causes many otherwise intelligent and rational people to do something very stupid.

Instead of focusing on a single promotion, one that consumers will understand and respond to, people try and cram multiple offers into the same marketing piece. It’s an understandable impulse but does much more harm than good. By trying to maximize budget, marketers try to offer something to everybody. Instead of focusing on target audience and providing a relevant promotion that will convert effectively, we end up with a mishmash of confusing, multiple offers.

The thinking is: If consumers don’t like Offer A, they’ll surely like Offer B, C or D. But in reality, people don’t know what to focus on and end up with analysis paralysis or simply ignore your advertising piece.

These multi-pronged promotional items rarely convert as well as a sharply-focused single offer.

It’s understandable to try to generate as much revenue as possible from your marketing piece but trust me when I say a single well thought-out promotion will net you greater profits than a watered down piece containing confusing multiple offers.

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