How To Choose A Copywriter

Before you hire a copywriter, there are a number of questions you should ask to be sure the writer will be able to deliver.

Many people call themselves copywriters without having any real experience in the field. I’ve often had to clean up the mess left by these folks. Businesspeople hire them in good faith, but the writer doesn’t deliver and that’s a shame because the client ends up paying twice to get the copy they need.

Often, these writers don’t understand that copywriting is ‘salesmanship in print’ that requires years of study and application. Many people can write decent copy without being able to write effective marketing copy.

So when you’re figuring out which writer to hire, ask the following questions and you’ll have a good understanding of whether you’ve found a good fit for your organization.

1)  What general experience do you have as a copywriter? People who have actually worked as a copywriter professionally tend to be a better bet. They’ve been tested in the ‘real world’ and experience gained on the job is worth a heck of a lot. There are certainly writers out there who’ve never worked in an ‘office environment’ and are still fantastic, but it’s a safer bet overall to hire a pro.

2) What type of writing do you have experience with? For example, if you had a website or email campaign to complete, you’d want someone who has written in this medium before; preferably a number of times. You probably wouldn’t want an expert at writing radio spots to complete your website copy.

3) Do you have testimonials or references? The fact is, there’s a good chance that if other clients are happy with the results, you will be too. A copywriter, or any other businessperson, can sing their own praises but it means a great deal more if real customers have endorsed their work.

4) What results have they obtained with their copy? Professional copywriting should deliver results in some form. Whether it’s more sales, sign-ups or company profits, ask your prospective writer what results they’ve achieved for clients. There’s never any guarantee when it comes to marketing. The product, price, market and even the economy can have an impact on results. But someone who’s driven real business goals with their writing in the past will give you the best possible chance of achieving a breakthrough.

As a copywriter, Toronto has given me a range of experience working for a number of great people and wonderful organizations. If you’d like to discuss a writing project, get in touch today.

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